Session topics, as well as your personal data will remain confidential between us, except for some circumstances which we will discuss during the first assessment session.

Like all counsellors, I attend professional supervision. These sessions are to ensure that the work we do together is the best possible and adheres to the standards required by my professional body. During these sessions you personal data will not be shared.

As a member of the BACP and the FDAP, I work within their ethical frameworks.


Sessions are 50 minutes long and take place weekly at the same time and on the same day unless contracted otherwise (these would be seen as exceptions).

The first session/assessment would be a chance for you to let me know your reasons to come to counselling and an opportunity for both to understand whether we would like to work together.

If we agree to do so, I will ask you to fill in some forms.

We will also agree a day/time when to meet and for how long (whether for a precise number of sessions i.e. short term, or open ended).

Regardless of the length of the therapy I would ask not to terminate the work abruptly as ending are as important to the counselling relationship as in everyday life.

Missing sessions with less than 48 hours notice will need to be paid in full.

Should I cancel a session or during an agreed holiday time, sessions will not be charged.


Payments are accepted via bank transfer or in cash on the day of our session.


I work both in English and Italian.